What is IBM Skills Academy?

A skills-oriented training program to empower students of various backgrounds with the skills needed to excel in today’s high-demand technologies

How Does it Work?

We provide a cloud-enabled learning environment and train-the-trainer learning model leveraging IBM and open source technology

Upon successful course completion, faculty and students can receive certificates on relevant skills


A comprehensive program for today’s technology savvy workforce

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  • Methodology
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Use Cases


Covering latest technologies and industry practices, our tracks address high-demand skills in the market today

Industry Use Cases

Go beyond use cases to real industry applications from non-profit, to start-ups and global enterprises

Digital Certificates

Industry recognized digital certificates jointly issued my market leaders, IBM and Credly


Covering latest technologies and industry practices

Our tracks address high-demand skills in the market today

Artificial Intelligence
(PDF, 307KB)

Participate on enterprise adoption of AI technologies leveraging an understanding on industry AI patterns using natural language processing, machine learning, neural networks, virtual agents, and computer vision.



(PDF, 413KB)

Elevate an organizations' overall security posture, by adopting practices, methods and tools that increase enterprise cyber resilience. Practitioners provide awareness on the latest cyber threats, and can help set the foundations for the implementation of an incident response team and a security operations center.

Data Science
(PDF, 535KB)

Use advanced data science methods and tools, leveraging statistical sciences, machine learning technologies and industry-specific datasets, to implement unique data models that can solve challenging problems across all industries.


(PDF, 314KB)

Help organizations lead the way into their digital reinvention journeys, by identifying critical areas for the adoption of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that can benefit from the implementation of smart contracts using industry leading open source blockchain technologies.

Internet of Things
(PDF, 282KB)

Extract real-world data from sensors in devices, integrate them to services in the cloud, and using analytics and artificial intelligence, extract valuable insights to improve enterprise operations and enable innovative, new industry business models.

Cloud Computing
(PDF, 546KB)

Create disruptive cloud-based solutions that can provide unique customer experiences through the use of user-centric design practices, agile methodologies and the integration of cloud-based security, data and AI capabilities.

Design Thinking
(PDF, 271KB)

Acquire the knowledge of applying design thinking and its value. A practitioner finds opportunities to use design thinking methods in their everyday work.


Quantum Computing
(PDF, 232KB)

Become empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to collaboratively and individually advance the field of quantum computing and drive adoption.



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